Debut Blabber


Finally, after a few weeks’ worth of work, I am able to bring this baby to life. It may not take as long as 9 months to create, but to me, this blog is still as precious as a baby that has just been born. I’ve never been one to write a lot. Sure, I like reading and usually people who love to read love to write too. But not me. I have had my friends suggesting & urging me to create a blog for some purposes. And that idea has been sitting at the back of my mind for some time. But apparently my ass was too lazy to do that. Until one fine day, I went to try a freshly-opened restaurant in North Jakarta. To say that my experience was bad is the understatement of the year. Suddenly, there are these thoughts in my head telling me to voice out my opinions. To let people know that I wasn’t happy with my experience in the restaurant. And so, here I am sitting in a little coffee shop trying to teach my baby how to say hi to the world.

You’re probably wondering why I took so long to launch my blog. It is supposed to be easy, isn’t it? Just create an account, pick a cool blog name & start writing. Everything else will come into place as you go along. Being a perfectionist, I have to make sure everything is in place before I can present my baby to the world. That cool logo  was designed by my dear friend Ivana who currently resides in Semarang. And I have to ask my cousin who lives in the US to photoshop it to make it look better. I guess I have to thank that restaurant, without it, I wouldn’t even be writing this post. Not to mention those two sweethearts who live miles away from me, but still managed to spend a lil time of their busy lives to help me. And last but not least, my dear friend Boty who despite her busy schedules, accompanies me out to daydream & seek inspirations.

If you’re looking for a blog that talks about new restaurants & hang-out places, hype running events, recently released movies & reviews of freshly published books, this maybe it. So stay tuned & in the meantime keep dreaming!

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